Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Pakistan & IMF

 (Jtndikhan Report)

Postponement of  6 billion Dollars Extended Fund Facility (EFF) for Pakistan by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for a few months on the grounds that its staff is not satisfied with the implementation of the loan terms, where the country's economy The government and the opposition have been blaming each other there and this has led to further escalation of political tensions. Representatives of Pakistan and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) were reviewing the lower-level agreement on the IMF loan for the sixth time, failing to reach a consensus, so further discussions on the issue were adjourned until September.

Top government sources have confirmed that the IMF board was due to approve the sixth review by July this year, but as disagreements did not abate, it was decided to postpone the review until September. When asked in writing about this, the Resident Chief of the IMF in Pakistan said that we have achieved sustainable development and stability through the implementation of policies, structural reforms and increase in social spending under the EFF program. We are ready to continue helping Pakistan to get loans for this purpose.

According to observers, his response indicated that since the sixth review under the EFF could not be completed, the IMF has decided to adopt a "watch and wait" policy to find out. How much the government can 'deliver' on its announced budget for 2021-22. The opposition camp has drawn its conclusions after the meeting of Pakistan and IMF representatives was inconclusive.

Former Finance Minister Muftah Ismail has claimed in a press conference that the IMF has withheld funds from Pakistan and the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank have also stopped lending. He said that the government was trying to persuade the IMF through the United States which would not be good for the nation. He was referring to strategic issues between Pakistan and the United States. He stressed that strategic issues should not be included in economic affairs. Rejecting the former finance minister's statement, the finance ministry spokesman said in a statement that the IMF's program was intact and that its new mission was expected to arrive in Pakistan in August to review its performance throughout the year.

The spokesperson also said that Pakistan has achieved all the targets of the IMF by March which is the best performance. The World Bank has not stopped lending either. It has already approved a large loan. Regardless of the political rhetoric of the government and the opposition, there is no doubt that the government is taking all necessary steps for economic recovery in line with the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

This includes obtaining foreign loans, but it should be noted that friendly countries or international institutions do not provide unconditional loans. They definitely get something in return. The IMF is a powerful institution under the influence of the United States. He is notorious for imposing arbitrary conditions to keep developing countries like Pakistan in his sphere of influence. The government should try not to accept any of its conditions contrary to the national interest and give priority to the national interest while meeting its requirements for economic reforms.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Correct change in Afghan policy

(jtndikhan especial report)

Prime Minister Imran Khan's announcement that his government has changed its policy of strategic depth in Afghanistan is undoubtedly a fulfillment of an unavoidable need of the times. He rightly called for political reconciliation before the withdrawal of US troops, pointing to the fact that if a civil war broke out in a neighboring country, Pakistan would be the second most affected after Afghanistan. His analysis seems to be correct in the context of the recent past.

The neighbor that has been most affected by Afghanistan's four decades of external aggression is certainly Pakistan. The main reason for this is that the two brotherly Muslim countries are interconnected in terms of geography, history, beliefs, language and civilization. That is why after the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, when the flood of refugees turned to Pakistan, they were greeted with fraternal generosity. Pakistan openly supported the Afghan resistance against the Soviet military intervention and called on jihads organizations. Keep in touch. After the military withdrawal of the Soviet Union, the power struggle between the jihads organizations started.

When the Pakistani institutions sided with the organizations of their choice instead of neutrality, anti-Pakistan sentiments arose in other groups. When the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) ended its confrontation with jihadi groups and formed its own government, Pakistan cooperated fully with it, as a result of which Afghanistan and Pakistan became practically one and the same. Our state institutions called this situation a strategic depth for Pakistan, but Pakistan's distance from anti-Taliban Afghan groups continued to grow.

After 9/11, when the nuclear situation changed dramatically, the negative effects of this tactical depth strategy became apparent and Pakistan faced the worst of terrorism. Anti-Taliban governments were formed in Kabul and they were generally concerned about Pakistan. However, as a result of the Taliban's fierce resistance to external aggression, when the need for peace talks between the United States and the Taliban was felt, it was necessary to bring the Taliban from Pakistan to the negotiating table.

The desire to use its influence was expressed and Pakistan did its utmost for the sake of peace and stability in the region. Negotiations were successful and the withdrawal of US troops began, set for September 11 this year, but before that there was a consensus between the Taliban and groups in the current Afghan government on the future political system of Afghanistan. The process was to be finalized, but no significant progress has been made so far, raising fears of another civil war in Afghanistan. In his latest remarks, Prime Minister Imran Khan pointed out the same threat and announced that Pakistan had abandoned its years-old strategic depth strategy and decided to remain neutral among Afghan groups, believing that it belonged to the Afghan people.

They have the right to form their own government in their own country. The Prime Minister has vowed to make every effort to reach an inter-Afghan reconciliation before the US withdrawal. In fact, this is the time needed and the United States, Pakistan and all other relevant powers must ensure it, otherwise the entire region will become the target of the worst civil war and instability.

Sunday, May 16, 2021

A new era of Afghan peace talks

(Written by, Abu Raja Haider)

The international community and U.S. military officials last month expressed concern about the escalation of violence in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of foreign troops and the resumption of ISIS activity, which has seen an increase in violence over the past two weeks The United Nations is concerned and sees its long-term peace efforts in vain. In this situation, there are reports of a new round of talks between the Afghan government and representatives of the Taliban leadership in Doha, Qatar, which the parties have confirmed.

According to a spokesman for the Afghan government, talks with the Taliban leadership on Friday to speed up the stalled peace talks were held, while a Taliban spokesman said they had agreed to continue talks with the Afghan government after Eid al-Fitr. In a highly sensitive situation were bombings, suicide attacks and violent activities have intensified again in different parts of Afghanistan, this promise of dialogue has emerged as a ray of hope that will bring a new, peaceful, and golden opportunity to tarnish a prosperous Afghanistan has come.

The Afghan political leadership must take full advantage of this, given the 40 years of foreign military domination and the wider interests of the people trapped in the civil war. In a telephone conversation with his Afghan counterpart Muhammad Hanif Atmar on Friday, Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi described the inter-Afghan talks as a "rare opportunity" to end the 40-year-old civil war. There is no scope for any kind of tension or violent action.

Israeli aggression and the international community

(Written by, Abu Raja Haider)

Israel's open concession to playing fire and blood in Gaza is enough to prove that today's world is in fact a dark city where all the slogans of justice and human rights are just a sham. The indifference of the international community is reflected in the fact that after several days of brutal violence against worshipers at Al-Aqsa Mosque, which came in the form of rocket fire, the Israeli ruler fired more than 600 rounds a week on the besieged Gaza Strip. Have carried out airstrikes.

According to an Israeli army spokesman, 160 planes are taking part in the attacks on Gaza, in addition to tanks and artillery. The number of Palestinians martyred, including women and children, has risen to 150, while the number of wounded is eight to ten times that. There are more. The buildings have become a huge pile of rubble and the facilities of life are rapidly disappearing. Israeli tanks are ready to enter Gaza and at any moment the area could turn into a full-scale massacre, but the efficiency of peacekeepers is such that a formal UN Security Council meeting has not yet taken place. ۔ The meeting, scheduled for Friday, has been postponed until Sunday at the request of the US government.

The Biden administration's statement stressed that the rocket attacks should be stopped because all Israeli actions are in defense of those attacks. This situation forces people to understand that institutions such as the United Nations, which are responsible for finding and enforcing a just solution to conflicts, are subject to the dictates of the major powers and their tools, rather than the establishment of justice. His staff is his buffalo. Had it not been for this, the establishment of Israel on Palestinian land would not have taken place.

The illegal creation of Israel here seven decades ago is a fact that even the founders of Israel themselves have acknowledged. David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, openly acknowledged this fact in a historically significant letter to Naham Goldman, president of the World Jewish Congress. "If I were an Arab leader, I would never have compromised with Israel. It's a natural thing. We have snatched their country from them. While it is true that we belong to Israel, it is two thousand years old. What do Palestinians have to do with this? Yes, the anti-Semitic movement in the world has been Nazi, Hitler, Auschwitz, but are the Palestinians responsible for it? They see only one thing: we came here and we stole their country. Why accept this? ”

 American researchers Professor John Meyer Schmidt and Professor Stephen Walt have quoted David Ben-Gurion's letter in their book, The Israel Lobby, and US Foreign Policy. Therefore, the world powers that have been supporting Israel are clearly committing deliberate oppression and injustice. However, at least for now, the international community must not hesitate to take immediate and effective steps to prevent Israeli aggression, as well as to establish an independent Palestinian state in the two-state formula. This is the practical solution to this problem.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) should also play an active role in this regard because until the Palestinians get justice, the Middle East volcano will burn, and the whole planet? The peace of the earth will be in danger of destruction.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Rehman Foundation motto Save lives Save humanity

 (Written By, Shazreh Shahzad)                       

The Rehman Foundation is an organization that is around for the last 16 years,

 an organization that is helping people who are in need of dialysis for free. The NGO has

 multiple centers in different cities that are operative and are always there to help the

 helpless people when it comes to health issues making them one of the finest in persistently

 providing the best health services in Pakistan. Moreover, it isn’t very known to people and

 the purpose of writing this article is so that the readers can get informed about a very

 blessed NGO that helps the needy when it comes to diseases. Pakistan is one of the

 countries with the highest rate of kidney failures and due to poverty people are unable to

 get a cure but as mentioned earlier, the Rehman foundation aims to put in an effort to

 prevent this.

Just a week ago, I had the honor of speaking with the chairman of the foundation, Dr. Waqar Ahmed where he talked about starting the foundation in the first place and talked about what other cities other than Lahore his foundation is operating in. He continued telling how difficult it is to operate a dialysis center with free accommodations with almost 150 patients being treated for free and yet another 100 who are waiting to get cured. He went along with why people have this problem and why in Pakistan it is the biggest problem health-wise, it’s because people don’t do their tests to find out what is wrong with them since they don’t keep up to look after their bodies. Doctor Waqar Ahmed is on the urge of spreading awareness among people to get tested and be aware of the problems they may adopt later. So it is very important to him that people who have the symptoms should get tested immediately before the health gets worse since dialysis is very expensive. The foundation is also keen to give lectures to people on how to take care of their bodies and stay safe from any health issue that can be a problem. When asked why he started the organization in the first place, he said that he was motivated by a young boy who died due to kidney failure because of lack of resources and his parents didn’t know what to do since they couldn’t afford it. And to start the foundation he spent money of his own to get the machines and maintain a relationship of trust with others who were worthy of giving donations to get more resources that could be enough to help with the cure. As time went by him along with the exceptional effort of his team members of the NGOs were able to open operative centers in other big and small cities so people in other cities don’t have the pressure to travel when they have the opportunity to get cured at a center in their own city.


To make more effort in getting people aware of such NGO, he thinks students would be a powerful voice to spread alertness among others with the benefit of social media and other mediums that could help extend the need for donations Rehman Foundation still desire because of some people who are still waiting in line. His team and he has managed to get around 50 dialysis machines with the help of known people who kindly donated to get resources. Even 17 years later, Rehman Foundation is consistent in helping anyone who is required to get treated and organizing fundraisers to get any means of donations so they can help the people.


Another member of the team I had the opportunity to talk with was with Director of promotion Farah Deeba who recently got ahold of a lot of donations through public relations and getting people motivated to consider donating and with having a political background many people supported the NGO and donated enough to get dialysis machines from abroad. When the foundation was just starting out they introduced 3 dialysis machines and today they deal with 100 people daily and treat them with high approach no matter what for free of cost. They also approach the donors to meets the patients so the donors know who are they are helping and the patients know who is treating them, this creates a value in saving both lives and humanity.

The main determination of the foundation is to spread attentiveness regarding funds and Islamic value in a way that back up people to encourage the cause. They ensure that they stand alongside their patients throughout the journey and have hope in donors who are willing to donate in fundraisers and through zakat.


As it is time to wrap up the article, I would suggest that every one of us should take care of our bodies and get a checkup if there’s a problem because you never when one can fall into a serious health problem so it’s better if we take care of ourselves and others around us. Pakistan has a gross population of over 144 million people with the majority of the people are living in rural areas. And as Dr. Waqar Ahmed mentioned there is a continuous number of patients who have chronic renal failure in a country like Pakistan and the number is increasing rapidly. I would encourage all to visit these organizations and to help the people who are still there because they require your help in any way you want to.

Rehman Foundation also encourages people to work with them in order to expand their centers and maintain a relationship that can help the foundation with donations so they are able to avail more dialysis machines especially wanting the government to support them so they get the ability to treat the patients in a better way. Support and faith are also the two things that people look for in each other. Rehman Foundations ensures that there is “Health for all”.


Author:- Is the student of Mass Communication at BeaconHouse National University – BNU




Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Pakistan's economy and the IMF

(Written By, Abu Raaja Haider)

Shaukat Tareen, the fourth Finance Minister to take the lead in reviving and stabilizing the country's economy in the last three years, has made it clear that the wheel of the economy is not turning, contrary to the government's general statement.

There is no investment, inflation is rising. It was also a mistake to set interest rates at 13.25% and sales tax at 17%. If we do not take GDP growth to 5%, productivity will not increase and employment opportunities will not increase. To achieve these goals, we have to make tough decisions. In this regard, he termed the agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for economic loans and its terms as strict, calling for abuses from Pakistan and especially the demand for an increase in electricity tariffs. Indicated a review of the organization's program.

In a briefing session of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Finance on Monday, he described the real situation of the national economy in a concise manner, which shows where we have faced shortcomings on the economic front in the last three years and how to address them. What should we do now? He also promised that we are now in the process of stabilizing the economy. "We have a lack of proper planning. To improve this, we have implemented ten measures, including price stabilization, agriculture, industry, revenue, housing, social security, national services, debt management, and privatization of loss-making government agencies," he said. Twelve sectors have been selected and economists have begun work on them.

The Finance Minister spoke of achieving the revenue target by increasing the tax net instead of raising electricity tariffs instead of raising electricity tariffs to reduce revolving debts and said that the privatization of state-owned enterprises could not be run by the government. Will be He also said that exports were not increasing as most of the businesses were local rather than foreign investors. He later told the media that inflation was on the rise but steps were being taken to curb it. Sales tax is too high at 17% and measures are being taken to reduce it. 

The Finance Minister's address also revealed that 85% of the revenue of all the provinces is spent on only 9 cities while very little is spent on health and education. China will be asked to provide jobs to 10 million Pakistanis to end unemployment in the country. In the meeting, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister Waqar Masood said that if the third wave of Corona had not come, the growth rate would have been 4%. Shaukat Tareen has been brought in after the experience of three finance ministers. He has been the country's finance minister before and before taking charge in the current government, many of his valuable suggestions on stabilizing the country's economy have been coming out through the media, so it should be expected that he will be the second economic.

In addition to rectifying the shortcomings, the international financial institutions, especially the IMF, will be able to rectify the situation. Against the backdrop of the devastating Corona epidemic, it is time to relax the terms of loans from the IMF. The general impression is that the IMF's interference in the economic affairs of the country has increased a lot and the problems facing the nation at present, including inflation, are in one form or another the hand of this international institution. If Shaukat Tareen can remove this impression, it will be a great achievement of the present government.

Sunday, May 2, 2021

European Parliament's unjustified resolution!

(Written By, Abu Raja Haider)

Pointing to the equal rights of minorities, the European Parliament has called on its Commission and the European External Action Service to review Pakistan's GSP Plus status (generalized system of preference), not just unjustified and malicious Rather, it has been done at a critical time when the international community is facing Islamophobia and the growing problems it poses, the best solution to which is to strengthen the atmosphere of tolerance, including interfaith dialogue.

In this regard, the position of the Pakistan Foreign Office is quite correct, according to which this debate in the European Parliament indicates a lack of understanding of blasphemy and the associated religious sensitivities in Pakistan and the Muslim world. Responding to media questions on Friday, the Foreign Office spokesman lamented unnecessary comments about the judiciary and the country's laws, stating that Pakistan is a parliamentary democracy with a vibrant civil society, independent media, and an independent judiciary. Are the guarantors of the fundamental rights of all citizens of the country without distinction?

We are proud that our minorities have equal rights and the protection of their fundamental freedoms are guaranteed in the Constitution. Compensation is available at the judicial and administrative levels for any violation of constitutional rights. 

This statement of the Foreign Office Spokesperson is very responsible and based on principles while the real issue is Islamophobia on which if any irrelevant action is taken against Pakistan or any other Islamic country then the problem is in its place Will remain The Pakistan Foreign Office has said very well that we will discuss all issues in a positive manner with the European Union as Pakistan has always played an active role with tolerance and tolerance for religious freedom and harmony.

Saturday, May 1, 2021

US Concerns About Afghanistan's Future

(Written by, Abu Raja Haider)

The chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Millie, had expressed concern three days ago that the withdrawal of foreign troops could lead to a resurgence of the Taliban in Afghanistan or the possible consequences of any kind in which Afghans These include the overthrow of the government, the civil war, the devastation of humanity and the restoration of al-Qaeda on this land. According to the US general, the best outcome of the withdrawal of coalition forces could be negotiations and an agreement between the Kabul government and the Taliban, but if al-Qaeda tries to increase its influence after the withdrawal of US troops, it will be monitored and pursued.


American circles also fear that if the Taliban took power in Afghanistan, the progress made in recent years in civil society and women's rights would be lost. In his April 14 announcement, President Biden said Washington would continue to support public projects, including Afghan security forces and women. In light of the situation, in his first address to the joint session of the Congress on Thursday, he made it clear that after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, we have to restore trust between Pakistan and Afghanistan. His thinking is positive in the sense that anti-peace forces have spared no effort to widen the gap between the two countries over the past 20 years, attacking Pakistani borders from Afghan soil on the one hand and Afghanistan on the other to create tension. Bombings and acts of terrorism, but Pakistan, realizing the facts, always kept the Afghan government informed of the common enemy.

It is a centuries-old fact that the people of Afghanistan and Pakistan have always stood together on the basis of common values ​​of religion, culture, and civilization, and have stood by each other in every joy and sorrow. After the establishment of Pakistan through its relations, trade, and free movement, a nominal border remained between the two countries. In the light of this situation, the United States openly acknowledges that the centuries-old ties between the people of the two countries cannot widen the gap, which makes it necessary for Pakistan to participate in the reconciliation process.

In his message on the occasion of the 29th anniversary of the overthrow of the Soviet government in Kabul by Mujahideen, President Ashraf Ghani said that lessons should be learned from the bitter experiences of the past in the peace process. According to him, the will of the people cannot be imposed through war and violence in Afghanistan. Now is the time for the Taliban to abandon the war and adopt a democratic approach to sharing power, but as the time draws near for the withdrawal of foreign troops, given the situation on the ground in Afghanistan, the international community has concerns about the future. There are also attempts to remove them.

Before leaving for Afghanistan, German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss visited Pakistan and had detailed discussions with Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin's telephone conversation with Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa on Thursday is also a link in the same chain in which the two officials exchanged views on the situation after the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Thought There is a need for all political groups in Afghanistan to understand the delicacy of the situation and resolve all issues in the best interest of the country and the nation through dialogue and understanding.

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Monday, April 19, 2021

The right demand from the West

 (JTNDI Khan Special Report)

Expressing the sentiments of Muslims around the world, Prime Minister Imran Khan has rightly pointed out the fact that the Holy Prophet lives in the hearts of Muslims but extremist Western politicians insult the Prophet of Islam in the name of freedom of expression. However, blasphemy cannot be tolerated under the guise of freedom of expression. Therefore, blasphemy against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) should be made a punishable crime like the Holocaust. Explaining the reason for the decision to ban Tehreek-e-Libek, the Prime Minister clarified that the move was necessary under the anti-terrorism law as it challenged the functioning of the state and created riots in the streets. ۔

To understand the situation, it is important to keep in mind the fact that in October last year, French President Emmanuel Machiavelli published objectionable sketches calling for freedom of expression rather than an act of blasphemy in honor of the last of the prophets. When he was encouraged, the Muslims of the world reacted strongly to it. There was also a strong protest in Pakistan against France and it was demanded to send back its ambassador. Tehreek-e-Lubaik played a leading role in the protest and reached an agreement with the Pakistani government that legislation would be enacted within three months to send back the French ambassador.

Tehreek-e-Libek's recent protest was for the implementation of the agreement, but apparently, due to bilateral mistakes, it turned into lawlessness and chaos and the government decided to declare the movement illegal. How constitutionally correct is this move? Legal experts may have differing views. However, as far as the Prime Minister's demand from the Western world is concerned that blasphemy against the Prophet of Islam should be declared as forbidden and punishable as speaking out against the Holocaust, it should be justified and justified. It is very clear that all Muslim governments must work together to meet this demand. At the same time, it is necessary to effectively break the original conspiracy plan behind the systematic series of insults in the name of the Holy Prophet.

According to the ideology of the clash of civilizations that is riding on the nerves of Western intellectuals and rulers today, the only civilization that threatens Western civilization today is Islam. In order to change this situation, it was decided to declare Islam as the flag bearer of terrorism. Under the same strategy, arrangements were also made to provoke the Muslims by publishing blasphemous sketches so that Muslims would not be tolerated when there was a protest. And to be declared a terrorist, therefore, the correct break of this tactic is to present the true teachings of Islam in response to false propaganda. Anti-Islamic propaganda always arouses curiosity among the targets and by informing them of the real facts, the Islamic system of justice and mercy can be recognized in the same way as the Holy Prophet won the hearts of those who were subjected to severe misleading propaganda against him.

He enlightened the Arabian Peninsula with the light of Islam. This prophet of the Holy Prophet is our guide even today and the Muslim world can adopt it and make the people of the West who are distrustful of Islam their own just as they did after Your Tatar. There was an amazing incident of "Passengers found the Kaaba from the Sanam Khana".

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Saturday, April 17, 2021

The dream of world peace, the test of the American Democrats

(Written by Abu Raja Haider)

Natchez is adamant that in the science of international relations, one who does not fully understand the distinction between the US role in global and regional politics and its (US) domestic politics cannot be recognized as a "World Peace and Security Scholar." It also confirms that in world and regional politics, countries around the world are as concerned about the US election results as they are about the world and regional peace, as much as they are concerned about the world and regional peace. , Especially concerned with their own safety.

Readers, consider that the final and logical outcome of the 40-year world war was the overthrow of the Soviet empire and the domination of Russian teens in the world. The second major consequence of this was the golden opportunity in American history for him (Washington) to become the only acceptable leader in the world. "Acceptable" here means that which is recognized by the governments of the world and the world community as superior to the mind and heart and the real non-controversial and lonely (worldly, political) power. For this, the United States had to take off its "American" lens and prove itself a fully responsible and just world power. Its basic requirement was that, with the cooperation and cooperation of its living and active allies in each region, it removes obstacles to the full implementation of the UN Charter and the implementation of the decisions of this world body. Thus, the long-standing permanent threats to the world and regional peace today would have turned into peace and tranquility and would have become a source of true enlightenment for humanity, making the world a real cradle of peace and tranquility. Now, in today's smoldering world, all this seems like a dream, but the one that was shattered in spite of all the opportunities for interpretation.

Extensive research will prove the hypothesis that the United States lost a great and certain opportunity for world peace and security at a time when the collapse of the Soviet Union was a great opportunity for the United States and the world. In contrast, the American Republican rulers and their leading think tanks, in contrast to the "world peace thinking", were dominated by American conquest and making America the ruler of the world. It was a reflection of the classical thinking of the American Republicans. There is no doubt that by adopting the same approach, the Republican Reagan administration won a landslide victory over Jimmy Carter and came to power. Focused aggressively to end the aggression, with Pakistan becoming its first active and tadam victorious partner. Earlier, taking advantage of the Democrats' defunct Carter administration's policy of "non-interference," the Iranian revolutionaries succeeded in bringing about an Islamic revolution in Iran, the most important American ally in the Middle East.

In the follow-up, the pro-American Binti Dawood government of Afghanistan was overthrown and the "Thor Revolution" of the Afghan communists was launched there. American influence had sunk into the Persian Gulf. The entire staff of the American embassy in Tehran was being held hostage by the revolutionaries and fulfilling their conditions with the United States. There were even analyses that if the Carter administration had not ended the traditional American policy towards Iran, the Shah of Iran's resistance would have been against the revolutionaries and the sooner and more American influence was removed from the region, it would not have happened. That's the shape. To a large extent, the Reagan administration downplayed all this in making possible the Soviet withdrawal from Afghanistan, as well as achieving a great victory in overthrowing the Soviet Union.

In the post-Cold War period, the drunken thieves derailed the American Republicans and, contrary to the requirements of world peace and security and favorable conditions, fell into the trap of celebrating and running their own world order (New World Order). The Islamic world, which became an active partner of the United States in the large-scale jihad in Afghanistan, went on a path of misguided policy and unacceptable decision-making by making some of its anti-government groups a major threat to itself or politically. ۔ Thus, instead of making itself as acceptable as possible, the United States began to make itself controversial. So many times the European Union's disgust was clearly seen by the world as "then it broke up".

By constantly putting pressure on the most effective and proven defense partner like Pakistan, it made itself suspicious, yet it became a nuclear power contrary to US policy. Afghanistan has suffered a great deal by entangling itself for a long time. Nothing happened. As confusing as it is now, safe evacuation has become the US target. The legitimate influence that the United States has had and continues to have in Afghanistan is proving impossible. What did the United States gain from the "misinformation" of the weapons of mass destruction that the Republican Bush administration killed millions of people in Iraq and wreaked havoc in the country? What effect did all this have on the people of the Middle East and the Muslim world? The approach was taken by US Republicans, especially Democrats, on the UN dispute over Palestine and Kashmir is a challenge for the US think tanks to audit its findings and first reform themselves to guide future US governments.

Do All of these American games of the world and regional politics, which divided the United States in such a way and with such intensity (to a deadly extent), all came before the world in the 20th election. Earlier, a sit-in by millions of poor Americans at the US Treasury Center opened the floodgates of America's deteriorating public economic status in the form of the "Aco Pie Wall Street Movement". Is the United States pursuing global "peace and security" in its "national interests" by simply deploying powerful naval forces in the open sea and with controversial military allies such as India and war-torn allies like Japan? Can leave the world and do something better for yourself by continuing the mission of achieving? Finding the right answer to this big question, then, according to policy and decision making, has become a major challenge for the Democratic Biden administration.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

President Erdogan stood firm like a rock

 Writtenby Abu Jaja Haider

After the Turkish government unilaterally terminated the "Istanbul Agreement" in recent days, when journalists asked the Speaker of the Turkish National Assembly "Mustafa and Top" whether Turkey has signed any other international agreements, including the "Montreux Agreement". Including and because of which Turkey's hands are tied, can be canceled? In response, the Speaker of the Assembly Mustafa Shaun Top said that Turkey can cancel all agreements that are not in Turkey's interest. Following this response, an earthquake shook Turkey, and news of Turkey's early cancellation of the Montreux Treaty began to gain prominence in the media. In addition, a few days ago, a picture of Rear Admiral Mehmet Sari of the Turkish Navy wearing a turban and a robe at a shrine was criticized on social media, and he and Erdogan's government were criticized because no such incident had been seen in the Turkish army before. 

It is worth mentioning here that the Turkish army is a well-organized army and it is strongly committed to secularism. That is why no soldier is allowed to have a beard or a mustache. A statement has been issued against the Erdo Govt: a government with the signatures of 104 retired Admirals of the Turkish Navy long after the two incidents in Turkey. The statement said that in the recent past, the negotiation of the Istanbul Canal and the Montreux Agreement within the scope of the powers to revoke international agreements has in fact been a source of concern for all of us retired Admirals. There are important waterways and it has been implemented in the history of mankind under the influence of multinational treaties.

The last of these treaties, known as the Montreux Treaty, is the best way for Turkish rights. Protects Turkey not only from the agreement governing the passage of ships passing through Turkey but also from Turkey to Turkey, Istanbul, Chanak Fort, Marmara Sea, and the Bosphorus. The agreement is aimed at finalizing Lausanne and giving Turkey a diplomatic victory, as well as an agreement to make the Black Sea a sea of ​​peace. As a result of the Montreux Accords, Turkey remained neutral in World War II and stayed out of the war. Retired Admirals of the Navy also drew the attention of the government to the fact that in recent times, a picture of a Rear Admiral Mehmet Sari wearing a turban and a robe at a shrine in the media has caused great distress to the Army. These retired admirals have warned the government to refrain from any action that violates the constitution and disregards Ataturk's principles.

President Erdogan described the midnight memorandum issued by 104 retired Admirals as similar to the one issued in the past when martial law was imposed in the country and said that the memorandum was based on malice. A country where the civilian government has been overthrown many times. 104 This memorandum of retired Admirals cannot be accepted under any circumstances. Although the memorandum was issued by retired admirals, it is a blot on the Turkish Armed Forces.

Martial law has always been applied in Turkey only after the issuance of a memorandum. "I want to make it clear that Turkey has largely protected its interests as a result of the Montreux Agreement reached in 1936 before World War II," he said. During World War II, although many attempts were made to push Turkey into the war, Turkey remained neutral and stayed away from it. President Erdoانan said that unless we create the conditions for a better agreement, The implementation of the agreement will continue.

He said that we did not see the statements of these Admirals in favor of the government at a time when there were failed attempts to overthrow the civilian government on July 15, 2016. He said that after the issuance of the memorandum at midnight, all Turkish politicians needed to raise their voices against it but unfortunately, some politicians supported the memorandum. He said that Rear Admiral Mehmet Sari had violated the army uniform and the Ministry of Defense would take immediate action against him.

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Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The changing Scenario of South Asia

Writing: Abu Raja Haider

March 2021 has been a turning point in the world, especially in South Asia. In the post-Trump United States, the Biden administration is reviewing its strategy in all areas. Talks have begun between the Chinese and US governments on other disputes, including trade. The sea? On the South China dispute, Biden said he was not anti-China but wanted China to abide by international democratic rules. At a key Quad meeting on March 14, the United States, India, Australia, and Japan considered a joint strategy to stem Chinese expansion, a new kind of Cold War. The nations involved in the Cold War with the Soviet Union faced the iron wall of the Moscow government, this time competing with the Western world against China, which is a pioneer of the open market, capitalism, and economy. China is determined to be the most powerful and richest. US alliances such as NATO and Quad are being reactivated. Unlike the Trump administration, the United States is re-emerging as a leader in world politics.

A new alliance of Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, and China is being formed. China provides ڈالر 400 billion development package to Iran Earlier, China entered into a historic partnership with Pakistan by allocating 62 62 billion for C-Pack and Uber. Pakistan and Turkey have collaborated on a number of cultural, technical, and strategic projects. The strength of this relationship has come to the fore in the Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict, and now Turkey is joining the bloc. The launch of the Tehran-Istanbul-Islamabad rail network is a living example of this cooperation. Pakistan is central to this alliance. With the development of these diplomatic relations, China is increasing its influence, which Europe and the United States will not be able to compete with. If Azerbaijan joins the bloc, these countries will have a strong influence in the Central Asian markets. Surprisingly, India and Pakistan in a joint statement in March reaffirmed the implementation of the 2003 ceasefire agreement.

The United Arab Emirates has revealed that a secret peace roadmap has been reached between Pakistan and India. Following the announcement, military operations chiefs agreed to a ceasefire at meetings. After Imran Khan's corona positive, Narendra Modi wrote a letter to inquire about his well-being. Afterward, the parties reaffirmed their commitment to promoting peace and mutual respect. Progress is also being made on the Indus Basin Agreement. It was also hinted that the resumption of trade and diplomatic talks on Kashmir was the next agenda of Islamabad and New Delhi. UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah paid a successful visit to both the countries on which King Sheikh Mohammed congratulated him. The question arises, what is the interest of the UAE in this? The UAE has emerged as a leading country in the Middle East due to Saudi Arabia's strict diplomatic policies. The United States is making every effort to advance the peace agreement between Pakistan and India to bolster anti-war efforts in Afghanistan, another challenge facing Biden.

For many years, Washington has been demanding Dow Moore from Pakistan. The Americans believed that the Pakistani government was helping the Taliban to destabilize the Karzai government because Kabul was forging closer ties with India. Over time, Karzai has proven that the Afghan government has failed to limit the Taliban's influence and that the key to lasting peace lies with Pakistan and the people of the tribal belt. Biden's administration considers diplomacy conditional on peace in Afghanistan. The United Arab Emirates is working on behalf of the United States, which will bring Pakistan and India to the table so that the United States is in a better position in Afghanistan. To be able to It seems that South Asia does not tolerate any conflict at the moment, not even the Taliban.

China needs Pakistan for its expansion in Asia. Tehran is its second ally in the global program of trade, development, and diplomatic relations. On the other hand, the Americans also need Pakistan to protect their interests in Afghanistan and to negotiate. China is far ahead of US and European estimates. According to an independent analysis, the world needs to benefit from China's economic development, trade, and technological expertise today. And to reach economic prosperity through poverty alleviation. China is the world's largest economy, India is the world's largest democracy, and the United States is still the largest military power in human history. All these countries are connected with Pakistan and South Asia to advance their national agenda. This is a historic time, and the events that are unfolding now will continue to have repercussions for decades to come. The power struggle between these powerful countries can determine the fate of billions of people. Overall, the situation in South Asia and the region is like a kaleidoscope, and new angles are emerging with each passing day.