Monday, April 5, 2021

Ashraf Ghani's " Peace roadmap " America Taliban and Pakistan

( Written By Abu Rija Haider )

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has drawn up a three-stage "peace roadmap" for the establishment of a new political government and lasting peace in the country, which he will present at a key meeting in Turkey this month. The United States, with the help of the United Nations, is pushing for a conference in Turkey this month to consider the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan, lasting peace, and the formation of a new political government.

We will present a three-phase peace plan. The first phase involves secession from the presidency, the establishment of a workable agreement for a political settlement between the parties, and a ceasefire under the supervision of world powers. The second phase will hold presidential elections and elect a new president. The structure of the system will have to be structured and steps will be taken for the formation of a political government. Work will be done for welfare.

According to a senior Afghan government official, Ashraf Ghani has already shared his roadmap with foreign capitals, but the Taliban have not yet discussed the agenda. Earlier, the United States had hinted at a delay in the withdrawal of foreign troops by May 1. It has proposed the formation of an all-party caretaker government in Afghanistan, which was rejected by the Kabul government but was half-agreed by the Taliban.

The new US administration, embroiled in controversy over the withdrawal of coalition forces from Afghanistan, fears that if troops are withdrawn without a power-sharing agreement between the warring parties, the Taliban will take over most of Afghanistan in two to three years. Can capture, In addition, there may be opportunities for al Qaeda to regroup. In this context, the intelligence agencies are insisting that the US military should remain in Afghanistan even after the deadline. In this regard, the report of the US Congress said that Pakistan is and will remain the most important country for resolving the Afghan conflict.

While the report argues that the regional situation in Afghanistan will be affected by the intervention of foreign powers, it openly acknowledges that Pakistan has played an active role in Afghan affairs for decades. It is a centuries-old fact that the people of the two countries have always stood together on the basis of common values ​​of religion, culture, and civilization and have stood by each other in every joy and sorrow. The existence of the border between the two countries has remained formal even after the establishment of Pakistan due to mutual relations, trade, and free movement.

However, in the aftermath of the invasion of Afghanistan by foreign troops, Afghanistan and Pakistan faced instability and terrorism for two decades, while the Soviet Union fell victim to the same war. As a result of this overall situation, Pakistan had to bear the loss of trillions of rupees along with thousands of precious human lives. In light of these realities, the United States and the entire international community must adopt a concrete strategy for the future that will enable the Afghan peace process to succeed quickly.

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